School of Chemistry
Raymond and Beverly Sackler Faculty of Exact Sciences.


Doron Shabat studied chemistry at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology between 1987 and 1990. After obtaining his B.Sc. degree, he continued toward his Ph.D. degree under the supervision of Prof. Ehud Keinan in the field of catalytic antibodies. Upon the completion of his Ph.D. thesis in 1997, he joined a group led by Profs. Richard A. Lerner and Carlos F. Barbas, III at The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California as a postdoctoral fellow. There, he continued to work in the area of catalytic antibodies. In 2000, he returned to Israel to start his independent career in the School of Chemistry at Tel Aviv University as a senior lecturer. He was promoted to the rank of associate professor in 2005 and to full professor in 2008. His research is focused in bioorganic chemistry with particular interests in self-immolative molecular systems and long-wavelength fluorescent dyes for in vivo imaging. He is the recipient of the Juludan Prize for 2005, administered by the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, the Israel Chemical Society’s Prize (2005) for Outstanding Young Chemists and the Frost Fellowship (2012 and 2014) administrated by The Scripps Research Institute. Prof. Shabat is the author and coauthor of over 10 peer-review publications, book chapters and patent applications.