BLAVATNIK fellow of the Medicinal Chemistry Unit


Dr. Boris Redko is a medicinal chemist specializing in organic chemistry, who joined the BLAVATNIK CENTER for Drug Discovery after finishing his M.Sc. and Ph.D at the Bar Ilan University under the supervision of Prof. Amnon Albeck and Prof. Gary Gellerman (Ariel University).

Dr. Boris Redko specializes in small molecules synthesis, solid phase synthesis and drug design. In his Ph.D. thesis, Dr. Redko’s, researched novel multifunctional platforms for programmed release for targeted cancer therapy. In his research, he has developed a model for the delivery of targeted drugs delivery (TDD) based on three components. Using this methodology, it is possible to deliver several different drugs as a targeted "cocktail" to the cancer cells, thereby improving their effectiveness and reducing their toxicity.

Dr. Redko has a broad range of experience in analytical and spectroscopic methods such as: NMR, IR, HPLC and LCMS.

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