Academic Head of the Medicinal Chemistry Unit

The School of Chemistry

Raymond and Beverly Sackler Faculty of Exact Sciences


 Roey was born and raised in Tel-Aviv and so it was only natural that after backpacking through North and South America he chose to do his undergraduate studies in Tel-Aviv University. After receiving B.Sc in chemistry, Roey stayed in TAU and obtained both his M.Sc. and Ph.D. under the supervision of Prof. Doron Shabat. During his work with Doron, Roey had a major role in the development of Self-Immolative Dendrimers and Multi-Triggered Dendrimers and their application as platforms for pro-drug therapies. After his PhD, Roey joined the lab of Prof. Craig Hawker as a post-doctoral researcher at the Materials Research Laboratory in University of California Santa Barbara. As part of his post-doc research, Roey developed the concept of enzymatic degradation as a trigger to self-assembly of smart block copolymers. On March 2012, Roey joined the faculty of the School of Chemistry at TAU as a senior lecturer to establish a lab for polymer and macromolecular hybrids. Roey’s research focuses on the design, synthesis and characterisation of novel stimuli-responsive polymeric amphiphiles and their utilization as nanocarriers for controlled drug delivery applications.