Call for Joint Drug Discovery Projects

Call for Joint Drug Discovery Projects
Call for Joint Drug Discovery Projects at the BCDD
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The BLAVATNIK CENTER for Drug Discovery (BCDD) announces its third call for internal funding of drug discovery related collaboration projects at Tel Aviv University. This call for proposals is open to all TAU researchers and affiliated researchers working in the area of early-stage drug discovery. The BCDD’s goal is to accelerate the drug discovery process at Tel Aviv University campus by providing a state-of-the-art research and development environment.


The BCDD, a multi-disciplinary research center located in the TAU campus, integrates basic and translational research in the field of drug discovery. The BCDD offers infrastructure and expertise in the fields of medicinal chemistry (peptide and small molecules synthesis, SAR studies and analytical chemistry assays), biology (biological assays development and adaptation to HTS, enzymatic and cell-based HTS) and computer-aided drug design (computational chemistry, chemoinformatics and bioinformatics), which are focused to foster early-stage drug discovery.


The BCDD’s resources will be available to enable the selected projects to reach the next level in the drug discovery pipeline. The BCDD will support several research projects by conducting in-house collaborative research using the BCDD infrastructure platform and that of the TAU researchers. The proposal selection is based on the scientific merit of the projects, and will be scored according to the following criteria:


  1. Innovation and excellence
  2. Unmet clinical need
  3. How the BCDD infrastructure and knowhow would contribute to advance the specific project (considering time scale and available workforce)
  4. Commercialization opportunities
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