Media Coverage

The Center and TAU-affiliated Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center won a competitive state-funded grant supporting research on a heart attack medication (, Published: 1 Jan. 2020)

President Rivlin visited TAU’s cutting-edge labs and heard about programs that enhance social involvement and accessibility to higher education (TAU Website, Published: 11 March, 2019)



The purpose of the system is to investigate the mechanisms of hereditary metabolic diseases (, Published: 17 Jan, 2019)

Alon's parents started a journey for finding the cure (Ynet, Published: 11 Nov. 2018)

Professor Miguel Weil helps families with children suffering from "orphan diseases", in the hope of finding a cure for their illness. Israel News Channel 2

Parkinson's patients that decided to take Mannitol, an FDA approved food ingredient, talk about their success. Channel 1 TV Israel

TAU establishes center to discover effective drugs (Jerusalem Post, Published: 19 May 2016)

Len Blavatnik donated $10 million to improve invention and drug development (Globes, Published: 19 May, 2016)

A new drug discovery center was inaugurated at Tel Aviv University (NRG, Published: 18 May, 2016)

Report from the Center for Drug Discovery and Research. (, Published: 11 Oct. 2017)

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