Chemistry Services

Chemistry Services
Chemistry Services at the BCDD
  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Chemical Synthesis
  • Peptide Synthesis
  • Natural products


  • Rational design of new chemical entities based on ADME and drug-like properties
    • Hit identification using dedicated software and medicinal chemistry knowledge
    • NCE design
    • NCE synthesis
    • Structure-Activity Relationship, Hit to Lead
    • Structure-Property Relationship
    • Custom drug-like libraries
    • Drug likeness analysis and prioritization
    • Prediction of ADME properties
  • Solubility studies
    • Kinetic solubility
    • Thermodynamic solubility
  • ​LogD determination (shake-flask method)
  • LogP determination (shake-flask method)
  • Chemical stability
  • Permeability (PAMPA)
  • MDCK - MDR1 Transporter (PreadyPortTM kit)
  • Metabolism studies
    • Metabolite prediction and assessment by a dedicated software and medicinal chemistry knowledge
    • Metabolite synthesis in a mg scale
    • Metabolic Stability (Microsomes or S9 Fraction)
    • Hepatocytes stability
    • Plasma stability
    • Plasma Protein Binding
  • Blood-Brain Barrier penetration
    • ​LogBBB prediction using dedicated software
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