Alpha youngsters visited BCDD

The center hosted a group of 9th-grade students from the Alpha program - a research program for gifted students operated by TAU through Tel Aviv Youth University

15 August 2018
Alpha youngsters visited BCDD
Alpha youngsters visited BCDD. Photo: Tel Aviv Youth University

The BCDD Hosted earlier this month a group of young students from the Alpha program, an innovative program for gifted students in high school (9th-grade graduates) which facilitates their participation in the world of contemporary scientific research. The students came for an educational tour at the center as part of a scientific summer camp, in which they participate.


"During their first summer camp, Alpha Program students visit a wide range of research labs and centers in Tel Aviv University," says Tal Katz, pedagogical coordinator, at the Tel Aviv Youth University. "These visits expand and expose these student's horizons. From Alpha Program's day one, the visit to BCDD is one of the most significant tours in light of the research that they are exposed to there, and the progress that the center represents".


Exposing the youngsters to a high-level research

The Alpha program was designed with the aim to expose the young students to scientific research at a high level, and providing them with the skills required to formulate their own independent scientific research. Participants in the program conduct their research in Tel Aviv University's research facilities (the BCDD is one of them) in all disciplines of the natural sciences.


In addition to their research work, the students participate in recreational activities as well, both social and intellectual. This includes workshops, tours, and seminars and cumulates in a two-week long summer camp.


We at the BLAVATNIK CENTER for Drug Discovery view education of the next generation of scientists as a top priority," says Prof. Ehud Gazit, the academic director of the center. "We are more than happy to host groups of Alpha students during this academic year and the summer. Our cooperation with the Alpha program and other educational programs at Tel Aviv University has grown in recent years, and we hope to continue along this path".


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